For whom the willow weeps




"The River": a song about morals.

"Dilemma": where did those ideals go? (and those people)

"Free and easy": money can't buy everything, or anybody

"Blow out the candle": started as "carry on song writing" and ended in tragedy. Goes back to The Duke at Woodford, Northants where I first started playing acoustic music

"Morwenstow": probably one of the most researched of my songs until I found out it was all myth, still a good story though

"Cherry tree": traditional and the first song I wrote on the accordion. Death and morals plus a bit of anti religion and republicanism thrown in

"The wager" a true love song. 2 boys, 1 girl -no death but  loads of trauma

"Wild Flowers": A commission from one of my Irish friends about a battle  in Eire in 1921 in which a flying column of IRA were murdered in Clonmult, a true story which can be read about via a link on this website (via the "singles" page)



"White Dog Skip" Written in Rochetta in Italy, for Kelly,  after the open day at the brewery. Another "southern belle" and wife of Steve the brewer.

"The  old mandolin": In remembrance of   a mandolin I bought for 15 from an auction and it sounded like it. Still managed to write this on it though, but for this recording a more tuneful Ashbury instrument was used.

"Butterfly": the first folk song I wrote and probably one of the most requested at gigs. A girls eye view of love through the seasons

"Abigail's Waltz": written for Abigail Washburn, banjo player extraordinaire. She turned me on to "old time" and I went home and penned this. Helped on this track by my co-Creosote Brother, Alan Jenkins

"Daisy of mine": sad, and had to have this title because just about everyone has a song called Daisy these days. Also introduces the thumb piano!

"The Dublin Breeze": first written on keyboards as an experiment to find sounds, now converted to this arrangement for whistle, guitar and fiddle.

"Waltzing with the moon": had a title , needed a song, and this came out. Another popular number at gigs. A sad story of war and loss







The CD contains 15 tracks.

11 songs and 4 tunes.

The instrumentalists are:

Brian Jeffels               Guitars, cittern, mandolin, vocals, thumb piano, bass guitar, accordion

Lin Griffin                   Accordion, vocals

Maggie Lonnergan     Fiddle on tracks: 5,7,14.

Scott Blundell              Fiddle on tracks: 1, 2, 9, 13.

Vince Gorman             Bodrhan on track: 15

Carol Schaessens       Whistle on track: 2

Alan Jenkins               Guitar on track: 10