The River                    Dilemma                     Free and easy                   Blow out the candle       

    Morwenstow              Cherry tree                  The wager                        Butterfly

                 Daisy of mine             Waltzing with the moon               Wild Flowers


The River

I took a walk down by the river,

The air was still, the moon was bright,

I saw a girl, so young and pretty,

I followed her, both left and right,

I said to her, "Come talk a while"

She said to me, "Sir, what do you mean"?

For I've a father and I've a husband,

They're both at home, and wait for me.


"Well surely talk is just a pleasure?

That's all I ask, this evening fair.

There is no sin in being friendly"

"Sure that's the truth," she did declare

"But husbands are a jealous creature

And father also I must serve.

If I am missing more than I should be,

They'll think a beating I deserve"


Well that's no way, to treat a lady,

Especially one, as fair as you.

But I will not put you in danger,

So I will go, I bid adieu.

But as I turned she followed after,

And she's been with me since that day.

So husbands fathers, don't ill treat your women,

Or they will so be led astray.

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Come the summer sun, when all the world was sleeping,

Then we would play

Chasing endless fun we were so deep in, and led astray

For we were young then, and nothing that we said

Meant little to us, thoughts ran around our heads

Look towards the sun, that's what they told us

And we believed

Wasted all our youth on empty promises, still they deceived

Until we changed course, and took time in our hands

Laughed in their faces, they couldn't understand


And through the empty streets we searched for better things

And found them in our minds

Created our own world and left the old behind

This was a time of change, a time for moving on

And not for standing still

A time for curing lives of self inflicted ills


Came the time to leave, we walked a lonely road,

We thought untrod

Met a few false friends and many true companions,

Searched for our gods

But times are fickle and some things cannot last

Our dreams were shattered, so very, very fast


And so we came to learn that everything is found

If you can spare the day

Some took the search too hard and fell along the way

And so to far off friends and travellers we've met,

The people we hold dear

Though now they're all we have, our memories are here.


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My name is John Protheroe a proud Kernow man

I live off the sea and the land

The girl she is Annie my pride and my joy

The children 3 girls and 3 boys

At night Annie sits at her wheel

Forming the clothes that I wear in the field

And I must be early to rise

To take out my boat for to fish on the early morn tide


We get by for most of the year

Living is comfortable here

But come the winter winds keen

We must live by alternative means

The villagers all to a man

Fetch out the old oil lights as quick as they can

And led by the leading mans light

We climb to the top of the cliff on a dark stormy night


Down in the bay far below

The ships captains see our lights glow

And thinking they're safe from the storm

Hurry to land to be warm

But a sad welcome waits in the dark

The rocks rip the boats all apart

And then as the lucky hit shore

We murder them men, women, dogs as we must it's the law


Bring out your lights set out your lights

Let's hope the storm will be raging tonight

Then we will be home by the breaking of light

With our tables laden with plunder


Be careful now all of you lads

For if caught we'll surely be hung

Tread quietly and quickly then go

Before the custom men come

And Annie she sits by her wheel

Thoughts circling her head like the spools of the reels

As sad and offensive this crime

It's the only sure way we can feed our family at this time




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The Wager

Billy and Georgie were friends from the start

Nothing split one from the other

But as they grew older they both lost their heart

To a young maid named Beth and they loved her

Beth was a playmate when all three were young

But her beauty grew, as she got older

The two boys though friends would often compete

To prove to her who was the bolder


Oh dear me what's to become of the three

Where once there was joy there's a girl and two boys

And only sweet Beth holds the key


As time went on the boys soon came to see

That only one could be the winner

So they took it in turns to compete for her hand

And each hoped that his heart would win her

Beth couldn't help them to her both were dear

Neither one nor the other was better

So a plan was devised and a wager drawn up

And the winner then he would wed her


Oh dear me betting on sweet company

Hardly the start to keep somebody's heart

But none of the lovers could see


Now just from the village a hill rose so high

Billy and George they met up there

"I'll race you right up and then back down again

Whoever is first they will have her"

So the duo of suitorsí swift off they did run

Billy was first to the peak

But when they returned the first home was George


George approached Beth with a smile of success

"It's me Beth that you shall wed"

"I'm sorry" she replied, "I can't be your bride

For a new man is filling my head


Oh dear me to you I no longer can wed

For though this man's old he has silver and gold

I've decided to wed him instead"


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Blow out the candle


When I was a child I lived gracefully,

With a house full of servants and my own nursery

And a nanny who watched from morning to night

To allow both my parents to do as they might

And late on at night she would check on my sleep

Then quietly she'd blow out my candle for me


Blow out my candle and help me forget

You'll do me a favour I'll owe you a debt

Cos the darkness of night hides my troubles away

That are all far too bright at the break of the day


At the age of sixteen I was taken to war

But my memories lingered through blood and through gore

By the age of eighteen I was wounded and lame

And hospitalised vowing never again

And the nurses ignored me at night as I'd weep

And blow out my candle to help me to sleep



Then the war it was finished and I returned home


So I took me a woman who lived near to me

And we married and brought up our own family

Through the hardest of times I worked to my best

And my candle she'd dim to help me to rest



As old age crept up on us I became ill

A few years were left but I'd lost the will

And as my darling wife looked on in dismay

She knew by my face I would soon be away

And as I was dying I gave my request

Please blow out my candle and help me to rest


Please blow out my candle and help me forget

You'll do me a favour I'll owe you a debt

And when we next meet I want you to hear

The things that I never had time to say here

Like I worship your name, and thank you for my life

And thank god for the memories you have supplied

And you were my reason why Iíd never quit

And I love and love you and love you to bits


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The first day of March and spring lifts her head

I open my eyes and awake from my bed

Thinking of things that my lover has said, is it time to leave?

He told me he loved me he told me he cared

His love to me he did show

But these are the things that do leave me so scared

It's time for me to go.



For I am a butterfly, and you cannot capture or captivate me

I am a butterfly and no man will ever hold me


Lay me down gently on a bed of dog rose

And when you are spent I will silently go

Leaving you with my sweet memory oh

Of how I had promised to stay

You were not the first and you won't be the last

You may find that incredibly so

But there's many a broken heart left in the past

As I decide it's time to go




The start of September the harvest began

And out from the fields I often have ran

Fleeing the arms of a handsome young man

And that's how I want it to stay

No matter how much I am moved by his touch

He never will make me a bride

For rings on my fingers mean no more to me

Than shackles to keep me down tied




As winter draws in and the yuletide is near

The sound of festivities rings in my ear

It drowns out the sounds of the dropping of tears

I leave in the days that are gone

And untouched by shame, as they all call me names

I repeat what I've always decreed

The downtrodden life of a browbeaten wife

Is something that I'll never need




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Daisy of mine


Winter come and summer goes,

Soon the north wind it will blow

It will leave me feeling cold

As my Daisy lays


Snowflakes falling from the sky

Changing earth from dark to light

Making all the ground so white

Where my Daisy lays


And where are you, And where are you,

And where are you, tonight


Never think you're on your own

Even when I've prayed and gone

Tomorrow evening I'll return

To where my Daisy lays


And where are you, And where are you,

And where are you, tonight

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The Cherry Tree


I once met a girl who sat under a cherry tree

Shading herself on a bright summers day

But she cried as she spoke of the things that would never be

Of the man that she loved who'd been taken away


He was a young ploughman, a man who worked with his hands

And tough as he was also soft he could be

But one day he was sighted by King Georges pressgang

Captured and bound to be sent to sea


As the days turned to years she waited for his return

Pacing the dockside so patiently

And her tears filled the harbour when the news she at last did learn

His ship had been sunk by the Spanish navy


And she vowed from that moment she'd find no one new

She'd live all her life alone and in black

And inside she would hold all those feelings so true

For the handsome young ploughman who'd never be back


At last she decided no more would mourn for him

Faith told her there was one way they could meet

So she hung herself high from a branch of that cherry tree

Another sad victim of God and country

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Waltzing with the moon


It's Saturday night in the village, the hall is decked up to the nines

The women are washing and preening, the men are all home from the mines

The dancing will start in an hour, there's just time for one quick last pint

Then all of the young and the old folk will be waltzing till late in the night

But sally's alone in her bedroom, her man's still away at the war

There's no point in counting the hours, for she may not see him anymore

While the rest have their friends and their partners she wonders if he'll be home soon

So instead of the village hall ceili, she dances alone with the moon


Waltzing with the moon, waltzing with the moon,

Waltzing with the moon, Waiting for love to return


Oh what a party she'll have when he comes home,

She'll hold him to her and they'll waltz around the room

The things she will tell him when he walks through the door

Life will be good then like it used to be before

Around half past nine in the evening she receives a young man at the door

He carries a despatch from the army her Harry's been killed in the war

All hope of return is destroyed now her lovers departed for good

So she sits all alone in the moonlight she'd cry if she thought that she could

No more there'll be dancing at Christmas no more there'll be loving at night

No more will thoughts be kept busy planning his homecoming night

There's a hole in her life now where Harry once stood

There's a feeling of non ending gloom

Sally forever alone now, forever to partner the moon


Waltzing with the moon, waltzing with the moon

Waltzing with the moon waiting for love to return.

Waltzing with the moon, waltzing with the moon

Waltzing with the moon waiting for love to return.


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Free and easy


Some times I'd go walking alone on the moor

Seeing the life that I couldn't divorce

Listening for voices I knew in the past

And knowing that I'd never hear them

The mist was my only friend there by myself

My misplaced decisions had me on the shelf

Like the last stroke of midnight that tolled in the dark

I was destined to fade away


Woa I see, all of the things that once entertained me

Free and easy costs everything


Once I'd had young lass that loved me so well

We'd lived in a cottage out here by the fell

And though life was hard we got by as we could

There was never a cross word between us

But one day a relation who lived far away

Left us a fortune with which we could play

But the gold and the silver just led us astray

It was better when we had nothing


Woa I see, all of the things that once entertained me

Free and easy costs everything


Within half a year our world fell at our feet

The girl was a drunkard and I was a cheat

Our feelings were tainted our love turned to hate

Isnít money the root of all evil?

And now all alone I look back on that year

How short was our windfall, how long fell our tears,

And Iíll never forget all those fond memories

Of the days when life was so simple


Woa I see, all of the things that once entertained me

Free and easy costs everything


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Wild Flowers


Young Joseph, James and David played soldiers with their friends

The innocence of childhood never showed where it would end

They were sons of Erinís soil, Irishmen through to their core

Bourne of loyal families and born into the war

And they played at revolution with the English as their foe

And waged war within the fields where the wild flowers grow.


As time passed and the Dail came things they took a turn

There were things to be sorted there were lessons to be learned

So they joined the 4th battalion alongside others sons

Fighting for their freedom and the land that they all loved

And at night they'd ambush and attack then silently they'd go

And hide within the fields where the wild flowers grow


Soon they'd generated the wrath of Black and Tan

They were forced from town to town, hunted man by man

The orders came to make a show of strength at Castlemartyr

A mighty stand for Ireland, by men with angry hearts

So they took themselves a farmhouse and laid themselves right low

And from the windows they could see the wild flowers grow


But a traitor he betrayed them and sent the soldiers in

Black and Tans auxiliaries there was no chance to win

John Joe Joyce raised the alarm as he saw the troops arrive

Then in a hail of bullets he and Michael Desmond died

A fierce and bloody battle then the sky with fire did glow

And The Soldiers Song defiantly sung where wild flowers grow


The call for to surrender was taken after time

The dying and the wounded all around were lying

They'd done their best for Ireland but the traitorís head had reared

And by treachery and cowardice had destroyed the volunteers

So the door that had defended them was opened to the foe

And the soldiers watched in triumph from where the wild flowers grow


Nine men left the farmhouse, eight against the wall

The sound of bang bang filled the air, eight heroes then did fall

Some say it was the Black and Tans, others say reserves

But to the flying column they were English murderers

Then the captain of this rabble came to stop the shooting show

And laid them in the fields where the wild flowers grow


The 20th of February 1921

A day to be remembered at the setting of the sun

Twelve men died that day for others freedom to be won

Twelve men to remember who were turned against by one

There's been 80 years of growing from the seeds the heroes sowed

And once again the children play where the wild flowers grow.


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