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Victorian.  Figurative cricketer inkstand containing twin wells, with a plaque to the front dating 15th May 1863   


 Victorian. Small, refurbished, writing slope with owner’s signature dated 1881              to inner

Burr walnut jewellery box covered in  Italian leather to the sides and base. Interior ring tray. Working key and lock.                                 

1950s spelter lamp figurine of Florence Nightingale.Signed F.Mancini to reverse. 20" (50cm) in height including the square base. 


 Vintage (not antique) garden statue,  painted at some time in the past, formed as a young girl carrying a basket of flowers and . Around 32" in height.

Two vintage (not antique) garden statues, both painted at some time in the past, formed as A Josephine baker styled maiden  .Around 32" in height.

Victorian sweetmeats comport (Britannia Metal?)   Marked GV to top. Catalogue mark 250 and other indistinguishable marks to base.


Edwardian folding clear glass fire screen. Balustrades to top and bottom of glass frame with ball finials.

Royal Vienna cabinet urn. 1904-18. (Beehive mark) with ram’s head handles and gilt decoration. Classical centre band, featuring  Cupid and Venus     


Spelter figure of St Anthony of Padua (Patron saint of lost items) flanked by four pillars. Mounted on a marble base and signed to reverse. 

Early C20th Studded wooden box. Leather-topped with inlaid pewter  plaque and secret working lock and key.                                                                   

White metal trinket box with repousé dog to lid. (Possibly a Setter.) 

Victorian epergne with a stand formed as a fawn. The piece stands a total of 9.5" in height with a Jack in the Pulpit cranberry vase to the rear of the fawn. The fawn has lost the left hind leg although this is not apparent at first glance. There is no maker's mark.

Plated Brittania Metal inkstand by James Deakin & Sons. Full marks to base. The removable original hinge topped inkwells are present and are both undamaged. There is an epergne trumpet to the rear which measures 6" in height. The complete piece measures 5"x9". The deer has had a repair to the front antler, which is intact. Catalogue number P7251.

Pewter inkstand by James Deakin & Sons. Full marks to base. The removable original inkwells have hinged tops and are both undamaged. There is a fluted crystal epergne trumpet, featuring twelve folds, behind the bird figure and the catalogue number is S5808. Figure stands 11" in height to top of flute.

Victorian Figural epergne vase formed as a Scott type character. The figure is resting his foot on an anvil and carrying a cross in his raised right hand and a shield in his left. The etched trumpet has a flower design and features a finely fluted rim.

Pewter desk stand with removable inkwells by James Deakin & Sons.  Full marks to base, dating from before they used a bell mark to differentiate themselves from James Dixon. The inkwells have faceted tops and originally had cork plugs. Catalogue number P4395. The stand is on an oval base which measures 8" x 6".

Large Edinburgh Crystal storm lantern mounted on a brass candle holder base. The item measures a total of 11" with the lantern being 9" in height with a 5¼" diameter faceted rim. Lovely ring to the crystal vase.

Scarce Victorian 'Bird of Paradise' flower frog. There are holes around the base of the model (formed as a tree stump) allowing for nine flower stalks to be inserted There is no damage to the piece.

A wrought iron adjustable floor oil lamp with brass font and Vulcan globe burner. Funnel perfect, shade nibbled to one area of bottom rim (unseen when assembled).

Victorian ruby flash baluster vase, mounted on a wooden plinth.Crosshatching and hob stars to baluster, with a flared leaf neck.  

Vintage pastelero by Somapere. (Spanish cake container) Silver-plate, marked to base.

WMF table centerpiece. Silver-plate pedestal with etched glass bowl. Marks to base dating 1880-1918

Silver-plate pin dish. Centre stamp  with royal head. Possibly George V,Edward VII or German Battenburg family.

WMF Jungendstil. Brass tri-footed fruit bowl with the 1910 G Ostrich mark        to the base.                             

Antique hanging thermometer holder. Brass inset on wood, with hook to top.   

Vintage 1950s Model of an Alsatian dog at rest.                       Pottery/China construction.                   

  Victorian, pair of cast picture- or mirror-frame                                                                scroll finials.                                      


   Antique. Miniature Grandmother clock with  a later working, Meridian                          German-made movement.